Monday, January 23, 2012

Advice for Twigs

 Following up on the tall girls blog, Shirley Temper  has offered up some advice for you skinny minnies out there!  Remember ladies and gentlemen, it takes all kinds of body types to be a successful team, and NEVER UNDERESTIMATE ANYONE ON THE TRACK!

 And now, in her own words, I bring you Temper's wisdom.

1. Keep your friends close (strength in numbers, true for all sizes) and your enemies closer - do NOT let some big ass bitch clock you from across the track!

2. Only go for big hits when they don't know you're coming. BTW, you'll usually do far more damage with your ass in some big girl's muff than you will trying to hit that bitch.

3. Always laugh when you knock a bigger girl down, please :)

4. Master a great sprint. Get away from them before they can hit you or runt you. Get to the front before the jammer gets away.

5. Master the Johnny Crash. (Also known as the can-opener)

6. Don't take the bait. True for everyone, especially true for smaller bodies. Learn to move with your opponent and use your booty to at least slow her down until backup arrives.

7. Sacrifice yourself.

8. Make sure your voice is louder than your body is big.

9. Do not be intimidated by bigger girls. Know your worth. Know you can handle them.

10. Let them underestimate... you will have the last laugh ;)

I'm pretty sure she laughed at me a few times.

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