Friday, February 8, 2013

What They Should Have Found on The Bones Episode

I wrote a blog on Wednesday decrying the crappy writing every TV show ever has when they do a "Roller Derby" episode.  Here is a look at what crime scene investigators should find at any roller derby practice space.  I know that TV is not about reality, but a LITTLE reality would have gone a long way in the episode.  Hawaii 5-0 is wrapping a derby episode, stay tuned to see what they do with our sport.


  1. Why bludgeon someone with a skate, when you could suffocate them with an unwashed knee pad?

  2. No self-respecting skater would even use their skate, too precious of an item!

  3. I was just confused because at one point your one said something about "not leaving valuables in the locker room" and the next moment all of their skates were there, up for grabs/stealing/investigating.

    Appreciated the derby TV time though :)