Friday, September 21, 2012

You know you've been watching too much derby when....

1.  You leave a derby butt groove in the couch.
2.  The computer overheats because you've watched all day Saturday.
3.  You forget what time zone you live in.
4.  You can call the majors before the announcers do.
5.  When you drive to practice the next day and pass five cars, you yell "GRAND SLAM" out the window.
6.  You call an officials' time out to grab a snack.
7. You send your kids to the penalty box instead of their rooms.
8.  You can imitate any announcer from any Region perfectly.
9.  When you try to call a meeting off at work by tapping your hips.
10.  You get caught streaming Regionals at work.  Oops.

Now go and watch Western Regionals!

Bracket found here!

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