Friday, March 30, 2012

Revisiting a bully blog!

 Having read this blog earlier this week, I really thought it should be revisited.  Roller derby is a sport and a hobby and a lifestyle; it's a place where we go and put our blood, sweat and tears into.  We pay for the privilege; we get injured and go back day after grueling day.  We do derby because we love it and it is fun!  But for some people, derby isn't fun because they feel bullied when they are at practice or interacting with their league.  This should NOT happen!  I understand that derby might not be for everyone; it's a brutal sport where you know you're going to get hit by someone on the track.  I'm not talking about that; I'm talking about isolation off of the track and straight up bullying.  Sometimes bullies don't even know they're driving people away, or maybe they think they're making people tougher; but derby really isn't a place for "mean girls."  That place is MIDDLE SCHOOL, not in a sport!  Please read the following blog and if you recognize yourself in this article, maybe stop and reconsider your actions in your league.

LiVe DeRBY: Blockers Not Bullies:


  1. Insightful again, Q! I would add one thing: in my experience, bullies don't recognize themselves as such. They hardly ever see that their behavior is unacceptable. I think it's important that others also look for bullying, and be proactive when they see it. And have the courage to do something about it. As a short, chunky kid (and well, grown-up, too!) I have far too much experience with bullying. Someone stepping in,even if it's just to say,"I see it too, and I have your back" can go along way. Telling the bully that they're on notice goes even further.

  2. According the the Blockers not Bullies forum, the bullied person should never let the bully know how much they are being affected. I don't know if they address other people stepping in, but it would be interesting!

  3. "Seriously though, we're all adults, so talk it out."
    This is good, but some bullies refuse to talk it out, and then turn around make up stories about the truth.

    I've encountered a number of Bullies and I have witnessed how it has effected others, my friends, and I stood up for them, of course, then, I became a target. The trouble, which makes it so difficult, and that I currently face... the Bullies tend to be the Presidents :/ or closely tied to the President, and they are unprofessional and immature they simply prefer to blackball, spread lies, and just go on doing things the wrong way, because they cannot admit it is their actions that cause the drama.

    And sadly, in my particular situation, there are circumstances that make it even more convoluted, for instance, when the Bully says One thing to me, and something entirely different to others, one of them is a Lie... if the Lie was to me, this person in simply ... i don't know... a bad person, but if what they said to me is the truth, and it was fear or shyness, then their just weak I suppose, but it can't be both. I don't know, it makes it even harder when they were at first your closest friend :/

    but good article. thanks for sharing

    1. It's amazing how bullies get to be in positions of power.

  4. Late to the party here, but the place for mean girls is NOT "middle school". It's nowhere. I know (I hope?) you were trying to be funny, but the 'kids will be kids' attitudes that let so many people off the hook while they make so many other people's lives harder is not one that we should be promoting anywhere, anytime.