Friday, January 18, 2013

Sex Before a Game?

Welcome to one of the giggliest blogs I've written in a while.  It's a funny topic, sex.  Then you add derby on top of it, so to speak and it becomes even funnier.  Derby people are both the most uninhibited people on earth, and the silliest when it comes to bodily functions.  It's ok to giggle, but pay attention while you're reading.  Some of the following blog will have the appropriate terms for anatomy and yet I will still throw in colloquialisms for the fun of it.
You giggling yet?

At some point in history, I blame the Greeks, athletes were told that if they had sex before a competition, they would lose precious energy.  Yes, the ancient Greeks truly believed that semen contained a man's spirit and to lose even a teaspoon of it would be detrimental to their performance.  Unfortunately, so many coaches have jumped on this idea as if it was real; sports are full of erroneous beliefs and superstitions.  Even Rocky's coach told him that having sex with a woman before a fight would steal power from his legs.  Really?

Here's why sex before a game might be a good idea for you.

1.  You want to relax and get to sleep the night before.  I don't know about you, but I sometimes have trouble turning my brain off the night before a game.  Athletes that have sex (and by sex, I mean GOOD sex, not some half assed sex) say they sleep better and it clears their minds for a while.

2.  Sex can lower your blood pressure and stretch your joints.  Female athletes especially benefit from the hip opening effects of intercourse.  For both male and female athletes, you can get a great core work out.  Who needs P90X?

3.  Sex can make your confidence rise....along with other things.  Being intimate with someone makes you feel confident, and that can translate into better derby play.  We all know that derby is 50% mental anyway.  For women, it can increase testosterone production, which may help your game and aggression.

4.  Sex can make you happy.  Once again, if it's good sex, it can make your outlook a lot more positive; you can shrug off stress better, and make you a nicer teammate.  We all want nicer teammates, right?

Of course, it's not for everyone.  Here are some situations in which you probably shouldn't have sex before a game.

1.  You're chasing sex.  People put a lot of energy into sexual conquests, probably more than they should before a game.  If you're on the hunt, this may not be the best time to be indulging in sex before a game.  Save that energy for the game. 

2.  You lose sleep over it.  Sleep is so important before a game, and if you're trying to "seal the deal" so to speak,  and that means sacrificing sleep, it just may be a no go.

3.  Sex before a game is probably a bad time to experiment.  Put the whips and chains away during pre game sex.  It would really suck to have a sexually based injury hampering your play on the track.  Adventurous new positions out of the Kama Sutra might not be the best choice either.  Nobody needs a back strain holding your jamming back!

4.  You're just not into it at that point.  Some people eschew sex before a game because they're getting their mental game together; there's nothing wrong with that.  Do what feels right to you; if it's not a comfortable part of your routine, don't feel pressured into adding it.  I personally test my pregame routine by trying it out before a scrimmage practice.  That includes the food I eat, the stretches I do, the mental game I play and any other decisions I make.  If you want to try it and see if it works, do it the night before a scrimmage practice.  Figure out if you want to incorporate it into your routine.

And there ya go.  Of course, masturbation can be substituted for sex with a partner in these situations.  You'll still get most of the benefits, and you might get to sleep quicker.  ;)

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