Friday, June 15, 2012

Some survival tips on going to ECDX

It's officially a week away, and I know that droves of you are heading up to Philly to participate in ECDX!  For some of us, this trip has become a yearly ritual, but for some people, this will be their first visit.  Here are some survival tips from several awesome and seasoned derby folk.

1.  Bring a great attitude & be ready to meet awesome people like you that challenge you. (Lucy Lastkiss)  Networking is becoming more and more important in our sport, and ECDX is one of those events where you are able to network with so many people!  I met people from Chicago and California and Texas; where else would a little ol' skater like me meet those kinds of folk?

2.  Bring every team shirt with your name and number on it.  (Dixie Diesel) Challenge bouts are often looking for people to fill in spots.  If you have good timing, the right colored shirt and your number on it, you have a chance of playing in a bout that you weren't planning on.  Yea!  

3.  You need a chair or something to sit on.  (Paris Kills)  Yes, sometimes there are bleachers, but seats fill up, and having a butt pad or something to sit on makes watching all of that derby more bearable.

4.  Bring buttons or stickers to swap with other skaters.  (Dixie Diesel)  Yeah, that sounds silly until you realize that this might be your best chance of getting a Texas Rollergirl button straight from Texas skater! girl moment.

5. Notebooks are awesome.  (Dixie Diesel)  Yes, there will be a quiz!  Seriously though, ECDX is a great time to get ideas from other leagues and bring them back to your own!  Because there will be SO much derby to watch, you need to take notes to remember all of the strategies and keep them straight in your head.  STEAL ALL THE STRATEGY!!!!  Yeah, I said steal.

6.  Cell phones should go on airplane mode in the sportsplex. (Lacey Williams)  "To avoid running your powerful smart phone's battery down, put it on airplane mode while you're inside and then go outside every once and a while to check messages. I promise you that this is a winning solution because you won't get any texts, emails or phone calls inside but your battery will be drained as your phone searches for signal. plus your phone is just a distraction from the amaze balls derby..."  She speaks the truth...something about the sportsplex kills most cell phone reception, so bring your charger and resolve to check your phone ONCE IN A WHILE.  It might help you break your cell phone dependency that so many of us have.

7.  Hydrate!  Bring water and snacks for the sportsplex. (Sasha Morrigan and Holly Wanna Crackya)  There will be food at the plex, but it may not be food you want to eat every day for every meal.  If you're driving to Philly, bring food!  I'm heading to Costco this week and picking up mega snacks like almonds and cashews and coconut water (gag).  I have always found it best to plan to stay at the event site all day and bring every thing I've ever needed, and only go back to the hotel to sleep.

8.  You need  pair of shoes you can slip on & off easily but that protect your feet a little.  (Jenna Klauk)  "Cuz you're in and out of them all day (b/w skating, swimming & spectating), the venue is jam-packed, and you will have your hands full all the time."  Good point.  You need to protect your feet, and you might be in and out of your skates all day long.  Comfy slip on shoes are a must.

9.  Bring something to do during down time, like knitting.  (Kat A Killzem)  Derby derby derby!  Sometimes you need to step away and take a little time out to mentally recharge.  I suggest doing your mental recharging by the pool if possible!  ;)

10.  Bring some cash.  There are going to be a ton of vendors there, and who can resist the smell of new gear?   

11.  Bring a bathing suit, a hat and sunscreen.  (Every single human being who answered my call for ECDX advice)  ECDX has a fun pool scene; enjoy it!  I'll be rocking my crappy PBR baseball hat and board shorts this weekend; come say hi! 

12.  Bring a sanity check.  These events are fantastic, and sometimes overwhelming.  People get tired and they don't sleep well, and blah blah blah.  Sometimes we just need people around us who remind us why we do derby.  (Hint, it's because it's FUN!) My sanity check is Beth Row and I hope I'm hers!

There she is, my sanity check! 

Are you excited yet?  I am!  I can't wait to make that crazy drive and experience ECDX this year!


  1. Make sure you say hi to Diesel aka Diesel Kills #96 It's his first ECDX, his essentials are dog treats, his harness, team color bandanas, leash and his entourage of adoring fans to hold him while I play Saturday. There are also secret spots you can charge your phone safely at if need be. I found them last year.

  2. This year we will have SO MANY FOOD TRUCKS with so many cuisines! The food options will be better than ever. Just in case you were worried.

  3. Thanks for this. I'm excited for my first year