Wednesday, May 2, 2012

To the injured, a letter

It seems like derby takes a lot out of our bodies; I've seen so many derby girls get injured, not just hurt, but injured. We all cringe when we find out someone got broken in practice or a game; every player knows that the chances of the same thing happening to us are very real.  We play an extreme sport; I often describe derby as football on wheels, without as much protective gear.  People are going to get hurt.  In the four years I've played this game, I've gotten a broken nose, a severely sprained ankle, a broken finger, meniscus tears and a cracked sternum.  Each one of these injuries took me out of the game, and sidelined me for a while.  It sometimes is a struggle to come back from these injuries, mentally, physically and emotionally.  Below is a letter I wrote to a recently injured skater.  It might be a good way to start talking to others about your injury, or start talking an injured skater who needs a friend in her corner.

Bionic Bash-

Hey girlie...I heard you made quite an impact at practice! I'm sorry you are hurt, and I want you to get better and stronger. I know that right now you're worrying about derby, but you should be concentrating on healing just for healing. We have to live in our bodies for a long long time, so take care of yours and work on the rehab they give you.

I don't know if you read the Scream Weaver blog entry that she wrote for me, but in the next couple of days, reread it again.  Here it is.

It is ok if you cry, if you're sad, if you're angry about this injury. ALL OF THOSE THINGS ARE OK! Don't feel guilty about being mad or sad or whatever! You have every right to feel whatever way you're feeling at the time. Don't let people tell you to cheer up unless you want them too.

Looking ahead, you will be bionic. There are several pick up teams of bionic players that play at Rollercon and ECE...and play banked track challenges. Just to name a few bionicas...Susie Hotrod, Roxy Rockett, MC Fyte, Eris Discordia, Daisy Rage and Ballista Blockheart. You are a strong human being, so please remember that.

Just because you aren't skating now doesn't mean you have to leave derby. You don't. Be a supportive person...hang out...enjoy the activity! Sometimes just being around people who are excited and happy helps heal us.

I hope they're giving you awesome drugs!



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  2. Thanks for supporting Bash like this Q. She has stayed very active with our league. Hell, she's more active with outside events and bout day jobs then some of our skaters! I hope that if I was ever injured that badly I can be as postive and supportive as she's been towards our league.

    -One Hit