Monday, April 23, 2012

Shut up and skate! Derby poster

Have you ever just felt like sitting down on the sidelines during practice?  Well, we all have!  It's the skaters that keep going that are successful as players, and teammates.  The other day on Facebook, I saw this "Just keep running" poster, and I thought I could adapt it to make it into a cool derby inspiration poster.

You can download the large file here, but please give me credit if you repost it.  Credit my portfolio site, or my DA account

You can skate through all the excuses.


  1. One of our trainers, the fabulous Rosie Cheeks, posted this thing on the bulletin board at practice to the same effect. Excuses and the proper response to them.

    My favorite was something like,
    "I'm hungover." Great. Dozens of rollergirls around the world got drunk last night. You are not alone. Hydrate and shut up.

  2. Shared with credits! Awesome stuff :)