Friday, April 13, 2012

The music that makes me go fast and go boom!

So, what music gets your blood pumping before a bout?  Music is so important to a person's mindset; it can calm us down or get us going!  I love it when I'm warming up for a bout and the DJ is doing a great set of music.  I hate it when the DJ plays a ton of mellow music and I'm getting ready to battle against some heavy hitters!  I especially hate hipster music before I'm going to be running for my life as a jammer, but to each his own!  I'm going to put a list of music here that gets me ready for any bout; you can agree or disagree, but I hope you take the time to listen for a bit. (By the way, I listen to a lot of music that has some pretty vulgar words, so please skip anything with a star next to it.) You might find something that works for you too!

Welcome to the Mind of Q.

1.  Run to The Hills by Iron Maiden.  Click here to listen.  It's perfect for the jammer that has to keep her feet under her for jam after jam after jam!

2.  Get Back by Ludacris. Click here.  In fact, I think that almost every Ludacris song lends itself to derby.  You have Stand Up, Move Bitch and many many many others. 

3.  Bombs Over Baghdad by Outkast.  Here to listen.  How can this not get your feet moving?

4.  Army of Me by Bjork.  Listen  This song reminds me that I'm not alone out on the track; I have an army of like-minded women out there who have my back!

5.  N.W.O by Ministry*.  Click here.  Once again, this song gets my blood pumping and ready to fight through walls.

6.  Dig by Mudvayne*. Here it is.  This song gets me ready to hold the inside line, dig in, and keep the other jammer behind me.

7.  F***ing Hostile by Pantera. Click here.  Are you seeing a trend?

8.  List of Demands by Saul Williams.  Here.  The line "I ain't afraid of you" is one I repeat to myself when I'm on the jammer line.

9.  South Texas Death Ride by Union Underground*.  Click here.  This song has a heavy and slow groove to remind me to keep that pack slow when I'm blocking. doesn't always work, but I try!

10.  Go Green Ranger Song on the MMPR soundtrack.  Click here for giggles.  Yes, I'm serious.  Sorry folks, but when I need to keep my feet moving, I think of this song.  It makes me laugh and not take jamming so seriously.  I mean, the Green Ranger was super hot and had the best zoid, so who wouldn't want to be just like him?

So there you have a little bit of my derby play list.  I asked people to share their favorites on Facebook, and the following list is what was sent in to me.  Enjoy!  Expand your musical tastes!  Please add your favorites in the comments.

Run To The Hills by Iron Maiden on repeat for the entire hour and fifteen in takes me to get to Greensboro. Everyone else in the car is totally pleased about it all the time, especially my 14-yr-old nephew, Theron Ass. (Alexandroid - GSORD)

I actually like chill music ... Amos Lee anything and maybe some Ray (LaMontagne)... helps me find my center and keep calm before the storm. -- Blonde Burgundy

KATY PERRY FIREWORK! Susie Millerlightnin Williams

Fuck Dem Other Hoes - Khia (Threatte Midler)

Maneater by Hall and Oates - Shush the Crush

I've got a feeling-black eyed peas. Best song to have in your head on the jammer line. --velvet assassin

Ion by Apocalyptica -- Paris Kills #69! 

Hank Williams Jr.'s "I'd Love to Knock The Hell Out of You"  Camo Rodeo

 Push It by Salt n Pepa. Yeah, I go old skool. (Linear Accelerator)

 Shipping up to Boston by Dropkick Murphy's-- Erin Go Brawl, #912

ALL OF THE SKRILLEX!! (Molly Flogger, Gotham) 

Let Me Hear You Scream by Ozzy. :-) Twisted Armani

Walk by Pantera Swetin Bulletz #502 of The Rome Rollergirls

Terror-"keep your mouth shut" Shiv Tyler #13 REGULATORS

Ali in the Jungle by The Hours (Conspiracy Fury)

Hard in da Paint - Waka Flocka Flame (Risky Biscuit) and I change it to "Hard in da Tape" in my head for derby hehe

Every angry song on Alanis Morissette's Jagged Little Pill.  Ballista Blockheart

When the Levee Breaks," Led Zeppelin... this shouldn't be a shock... derby name is Levee BreaksHer. It centers me and gets me to focus on who I am as a skater.

Offspring (come out and play, original prankster, and pretty fly for a white guy,) and so many other artists and songs - Shadow Of Beth

Black Betty by ram jam  JoyrydHer CraZzy

Social Distortion: Don't Drag Me Down.  Violet Outlaw

Overcome - Terror Snuff Film Starlet

Thunderstruck, AC/DC  Aurora Thunder

Crown on the Ground by Sleigh Bells. Grave Robyn

Grounds for Divorce, Elbow  KG Bebe

Music is the universal language.  Mine just speaks a little rougher than most.


  1. Excellent list! I can't wait to have enough time to listen to each and every one. Thanks for the ammo!!!

  2. South Texas Deathride by Union Underground!!! Love! You're so rad Elektra =)

  3. It is. Fuel by Metallica makes me want to take on the world even though its off of one of their yuck albums. Also, Check out Rivethead covers like Sexyback or Toxic. Cobrastyle and Konichiwa Bitches by Robyn or Kiss with a Fist by Florence are my "feel good while I whip your ass" songs.

  4. I will check them out! And yuck album made me laugh!

  5. You vs. Me by the Horrorpops before every scrimmage (I'm still Fresh Meat). It gets me pumped and stays in my head!

    1. I love this song too!

  6. Owing to my name (Rita Maneata), I try to give the Hall and Oates AND Nelly Furtado "Maneater"s a listen before the game. I also have this really crazy dubstep song I downloaded off Soundcloud. In the middle, somebody goes, "It's time for a Sexy Party," it cheers me up and gets me ready to kick ass.