Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Do you know these people?

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After three years of meeting new people in derby, I've discovered that every league has certain recurring characters in it; here is a run down of the ten most popular and interesting characters I've met during my derby career; do you know these people?   Can you recognize yourself in them?

#1  The Love Bug  The Love Bug loves everyone and is the most positive person you will ever meet in derby; she surrounds herself with unicorns, smiles, hugs and actually farts rainbows.  Don't underestimate the Love Bug, she will lay you out on the track, but she will smile down at you and offer you a glitter sticker after the game.

She'll hug you and make you breakfast in the morning....

#2  The Walking Rule Book  The Walking Rule Book has studied the rules so much that she is the one that everyone in her league consults when there is a wonky call on the ref's part.  This girl can quote numbers of rules!  Really?

Yes, she's based on a real person in my league.

#3  The Fun Psycho  The Fun Psycho has crazy catch phrases, never stops trying, and will never let the hopeless odds of any given game get her down.  She will lead the charge every time!  I love the Fun Psychos I meet in every league.  They'd take on Gotham with five girls and only four pairs of skates.
Actually quote from a fun psycho.

#4 The Bad Psycho No league in the world wants the Bad Psycho; she might punch someone out on the other team, or throw a helmet at the refs.  She is not someone you want representing your league in public or private.
Not a fun character.  Hopefully, as derby progresses, we see fewer Bad Psychos.
#5  The Wolf in Sheep's Clothing  The Wolf tends to appear to be a goof-ball that seems like a weak player, until that first whistle blows.  I also refer to this player as the Stealth Ninja.  Don't get lulled into false security with the Stealth Ninja.

She's tricksy...keep an eye on her.

#6  The Brainiac  The Brainiac is playing derby on a different level completely; she can see complex strategies ten steps ahead, and has the vocabulary of a Samuel Beckett play.  Unfortunately, she might communicate on level that most other skaters can't understand.  Still, if you can fathom her vocabulary and reasoning, she will elevate your game.

Her catch-phrase is "They're being willfully ignorant!"
#7  The Scary Girl  She's the polar opposite of the Love Bug, but she's a great asset on the team, even though you're never sure if she's thinking about stomping you or not.  Let's just put it this way, I'd rather have the Scary Girl on my team than against me.

Great skater...just completely unapproachable.

#8  Fall Apart Bunny  Fall Apart Bunny comes in three flavors, Injury Fall Apart Bunny, Emotionally Devastated Fall Apart Bunny, and Sickly Fall Apart Bunny.  Once again, she's a good skater, but you can never be sure she'll be able to skate.
What will her injury be today?

#9 Old Skool  Gotta love the Old Skool skater; she remembers when you could clockwise block, cut the track, and give the other team the finger.  She's playing by the new rules, but wishes that the older game would come back, just for a little while.  If you don't want to hear about the good ol' days, avoid her at after parties.

Or buy her a drink and enjoy the stories.
#10  The Troublemaker (AKA Loki)  The Troublemaker is the life of the party and the league, but sometimes hanging out with her is like riding a roller coaster without any brakes!  When will she go too far?  Who knows?

Please hold on to the bar!