Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Derby Ideas

Are you looking to get that special derby someone a fun and derby related for the holidays?  I often am looking for derby gifts that aren't just going to get stuck up on a shelf somewhere or thrown into the bottom of a skate bag.  I try to buy those ladies and gents in my life who are involved in derby (willingly) something amazing, just for them.  It's always good to discuss price-range with your derby partner before you get into the Christmas shopping; it can get out of control quickly because there are so many cool options out there.

On the practical side, I really have to suggest getting your friend a Sisu mouth guard.  They come in packets of two, so you can have one and you can get one for him or her.  People do not change their mouth guards enough, and the usual excuse is that they're too expensive.  If you give them one before the new season, at least they're not hanging on to the nasty one they used all last year!  GAG! Give the gift of a clean mouth this year!

Another practical and affordable gift could be Triple 8 wrist gaurds.  I don't know about you guys, but I tend to destroy a pair of wrist guards every season, and at twenty dollars, that's not a bad little stocking stuffer that will be used and abused in every practice.  If he or she doesn't love them for derby, it's always good to have a spare set around, for skating in parades or outside.  You can't really go wrong with protective gear to keep your derby friends safe.

If you're looking for cool shirts, you should totally check out Derbyology (with a shameless plug for my designs on there.  :P)   Derbyology is a skater run shop that has fun shirt designs that are seriously diverse.  They carry merch too, so go and check out their site!  Where else can you get a Wonder Woman shirt with a derby saying on it? 

I'm a big fan of this lady's jewelery design.  Eva Lye from my league makes amazing, fun necklaces that are customizable and affordable.  I have a lot of her jewelery, and I especially love my star necklace purchased by my derby wife.  I was so touched when I got mine, and I think at 35 dollars, it's a great bargain.   Can't afford that necklace?  Derbylicious has plenty of other options for less money.  Go and check them out!

Need a cute stocking stuffer?  Check out the String Doll Jammer for 9.99!  Bruised Boutique has them in different colors, and that makes them a little more customizable.  When I finally passed my pack assessments, my derby wife (did I mention she's an angel?) got me one of these and I still have it.  She's a little worse for wear, but after four years, so am I. 

This year I went in a different direction for my friend's derby gift.  I discovered that Monster High dolls have four "roller derby" figurines.  They are ridiculous, with crazy high heel skates and very little protective gear, but I bought one of these silly dolls and customized it to be a mini Beth Row.  It was fun and I got to play with can you beat that? 
See? Looks just like her!

Anyway, those are just a few ideas for Christmas this year.  Please, if you do decide to buy something derby oriented, please support the derby community!  Don't put your money into pockets that don't care about our sport! 

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