Friday, August 17, 2012

To the X-Games....and beyond!

I kind of wanted to start this blog post with a picture of from Toy Story, but I was afraid that Disney would hunt me down and use my severed head as a warning for other bloggers, so I didn't.  Just picture it in your head though.

Here's something even scarier than Disney.  Art found here
 A lot of "derby in the Olympics" talk has been floating around lately, and I do believe that roller derby will be in there one of these days, but I don't think it will be for another eight years or so, which is slightly depressing.  Right now, we just don't have the level of international competition needed to fall under the Olympic standard.  Team USA is just too dominant at this point in derby's development, which is awesome for us, but doesn't make for a very interesting competition for newer fans to watch.  Will this change?  Of course it will.  Derby teams develop quickly, and I am fairly confident that the other nations will catch up and give Team USA a run for its money, but unfortunately, that isn't close enough to get us in the 2016 games.

Another option in front of derby is the X Games.  A lot of people have been throwing around the X Games as a better option for derby because we are considered an extreme sport, and the X Games caters to that exact market.  The X Games already has roller sports included in it, and a ready made audience of Generation X and Y as fans. The X Games are televised on ESPN and have a great market share, and are now adding international dates and competitions.  The order of the X Games competitions in 2013: Aspen, January 24-27; Tignes, March 20-22; Foz do IguaƧu, April 18-21; Barcelona, May 9-12; Munich, June 27-30; Los Angeles, August 1-4. Just think about how their market share of female viewers will improve with the addition of derby?  Just imagine how the coverage would help our sport gain new fans?

I'm sure there would be issues to consider.  What is the X Games' policy on transgendered players?  Would a team that played in the X Games be allowed to compete in regionals?  What rule set would be used?  Would banked track also be an option?  I don't have the answer to any of the questions, but maybe it's time for us to start talking about it seriously as a community.  If you're interested, Jean Gravy of the Richland County Regulators has started a petition; you can sign here.

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  1. Unfortunatly the problem with the X Games is they do no include team sports. They've already "passed" on Roller Derby. It would be great though and much more appropriate for where our sport is.