Monday, July 30, 2012

Stuff I like: the Pimp it blog

I'm a derby skater, just like everyone else out there, and occasionally I find gear that I really really like.  Most of the time I just stumble on my prized gear by accident, which can be super frustrating, especially after how much money I tend to spend on my gear.  Sometimes it seems like I have to buy ten crappy things before I find stuff that's worth the money!  I always try and share my discoveries with friends so please share your discoveries in the comment section of this blog.

Danger, danger....high voltage!
My first derby find has to be my Nutcase helmet.  When I need a new one, I'm getting a white one like the one here. I have tried many different kinds of helmets over the years, especially because your brain is the most important piece of your derby equipment, and I want to protect mine as much as possible.  When I was researching helmets last year, I read about the Nutcase helmet and decided that it was probably going to give me the best protection I could get without getting a hockey helmet.  The strap has a magnetic catch, so I never pinch hair or skin in it, and I love the adjustable strap on the inside because it passes ref inspection every time.  Here's what Nutcase says on their site, and I have to agree with the description.  "The Crossover comes with an injection-molded ABS shell, Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) protective inner foam for high impact and multiple impact protection, four sets of removable low-density polyurethane foam insert liners for comfort and for refining fit and it comes in two sizes: S-M (48 cm-54 cm) and L-XL (55 cm-61 cm). This helmet also comes with Nutcase's revolutionary MAGNETIC BUCKLE for easy, one-handed operation and no pinching!"
Nutcase helmets run about $60.00 on their site, but you can find them on Amazon for fifty five dollars.  Dear Nutcase helmets, please let me be a spokeswoman for you!  I <3 you!  (PS....I want a WHITE one please!)

Protech mouth guards, another love of mine.  I wrote about them in my mouth guard care blog, which you should read and then you'll want to throw your mouth guard away.  I love Protech mouth guards so much because I rarely ever have a tough time talking with them in, and I never leave it in my helmet because it stays in my mouth for the whole practice.  I like the white ones because in pictures they make my teeth look really white and even; people who wear the black ones look crazy, but if that's your thing, do it!  Protechs come two to a bag, and cost $40 dollars if you order from them directly.  Now, the good thing is you can get them for a little cheaper at derbylicious!

Finally, I would like to pimp Cheezeball bearings.  After making a terrible purchase of Qube bearings, because the dealer didn't have any 7mm bearings (darned freaky plates), so I went on Facebook and bitched and moaned about the crappy bearings.  Friends heard my call and got me in touch with the creator of Cheezeball bearings, who actually sent me two sets to try out.  I was shocked that anyone would be that generous, and I told him I would put them through their paces and get back to him about the outcome.  Cheezeballs come in three styles, Cheddar, Gouda and Swiss.  Swiss is the highest end, and Cheddar is the more basic.  Zack sent me a set of Gouda and Swiss.  I put the Goudas in my wheels and gave the Swiss set to Elmar Alexander Ashman who is a speed skater coach who works with the CRG at speed practice.  You can see him in action here.  (He's wearing the light blue speed outfit.)

After using the bearings for a couple of months, I fell in love with them.  They felt great from the very first time I skated with them, and Elmar said that the Cheezeball bearings were as good as any he's ever used and will definitely keep them in his racing rotation.  When I switch out my plates and have to buy some 8mm bearings, I'm buying more Cheezeballs in the future!

Feel free to shoot them an email at
This is their website  and according to description Zack sent me, "Cheezeball Bearings was founded by Zack “ Zackeroni N’ Cheeze” Johnson, a longtime referee for the Jacksonville Rollergirls, to find the most durable and long-lasting bearings for the lowest possible price, and to pass those savings along to the men and women that make Derby so freakin’ awesome.  Derby wrecks stuff. It’s a well known fact. We all spend way too much money every year on gear that seems to get smelly, rusty and torn up in a matter of weeks. And that’s the GOOD gear! Have you ever taken a chance on a neat set of pads, cheap no-name wheels or some lightly used plates only to have it all fall apart or not work as advertised? I have, and it really sucks."

I want to scream, "Yes!"  All of us have bought clunker gear, and it really is a terrible waste when it happens.  Derby costs so much money already, that when you buy something that sucks, it almost feels like a double slap to the face.  When I buy derby gear that doesn't meet basic expectations, I get super irritated each and every time I have to use it.  I almost celebrate when the perpetrating item finally needs to be replaced, and I swear I'm never going back to the company that "burned" me.  Because I so rarely have had derby gear that has gone above and beyond expectations, I don't get to sing the praises for the things I like very often.  So YEA! for gear that lives up to what it says it does!


  1. Yes!! I love my protech mouth guard! I tried on the Nutcase helmets at Derbycon this year and when it's time to buy a new helmet I think I'm going with that. I've heard great things. Great post!

    1. :) I think that the people who make the gear I love need to be given props! Glad you like them too!

  2. Couldn't agree with you more on the protech mouthguards. I've bought them as gifts I love them so much! I have heard good things about the cheeseballs too - so I think I'll try them when I replace my outdoor bearings (which I need to do SOON, LMAO). Thanks for the info.

  3. Thanks for the tips! With you 100% on the Protechs. I'm definitely going to look into the Nutcase helmets, too - I know mine doesn't fit properly, and it's also getting pretty banged up.

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